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New Legislative structure will keep Governments' focus on Programme for Government commitments, job creation and economic recovery – Kehoe

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Wed, 01/15/2014 - 12:20
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The Government Chief Whip, Minister Paul Kehoe T.D., today announced the initial Legislative Programme for 2014. This is the first Legislative Programme under new structures for the development of legislation announced by the Taoiseach and Tanaiste as part of the Government’s latest phase of Dáil Reform

The Dáil Reform package announced in September included a new structure for legislative development. This includes opening up the law making process to more public involvement, longer Dáil sitting days and a new system of Legislative Programmes. Since early November the Dáil sittings have started at 9.30am rather than 10.30am, the number of Bills being considered by Oireachtas Committees before publication continues to increase and the Cabinet has approved the first Legislative Programme under the new structures.”

Two Legislative Programmes will now be published each year rather than one each term as in the past. This development helps modernise our system of law making and along with other reforms being phased in will improve the process of drafting and debating Bills and reduce the use of the guillotine. The Legislative Programme approved by Cabinet contains proposals to publish 42 Bills and maintains the Government’s focus on job creation, economic recovery and fulfilling Programme for Government commitments.

Job creation and economic recovery has been central to our Government agenda and the new Legislative Programme confirms this priority. The area of Jobs will see the publication of Bills on Workplace Relations, Industrial Relations, Employment Permits and Consumer Protection and Competition. While the Minister for Finance will publish Bills to reform the Customs framework, develop an Irish Collective Asset Management system and support the National Treasury Management Agency.”

We will also continue to make progress on Programme for Government commitments and long over due reforms in other areas. The Legislative Programme includes proposed legislation on providing GP care to children aged 5 and under, a new structure for our Health Service, the introduction of standardised packaging for tobacco, regulating lobbying, improving Schools Admissions, developing the Teaching Council, regulating Social Housing, reforming legislation in a number of areas concerning children and establishing a new Court of Appeal.


Bills expected to be published during the Summer Session



Title of Bill

Purpose of Bill


Agriculture Food and the Marine



Horse Racing Ireland (Amendment) Bill

To amend and extend the Irish Horseracing Industry Act 1994, the Horse and Greyhound Racing Act 2001 and related matters


JohnstownCastle Agricultural College Acts (Amendment) Bill

To extend the use of the Johnstown Castle Estate for recreational, amenity, environmental, educational and heritage purposes


Sea Fisheries and Maritime Jurisdiction (Amendment) Bill

To provide for a points system for skippers of fishing vessels found to have infringed the Common Fisheries Policy and to introduce fixed penalty notices for minor offences


Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht



Official Languages (Amendment) Bill

To give effect to certain recommendations arising from the review of the Official Languages Act 2003 and to give effect to the Government's decision to merge the functions of the Language Commissioner with the Ombudsman's Office and to abolish the Placenames Commission


Children and Youth Affairs



Children (Amendment) Bill

To amalgamate the children detention schools in the interests of cost/administrative efficiencies and the public interest and to make some technical amendments to improve the workability of certain provisions


Children First Bill

To implement the Programme for Government commitment related to 'Children First'


Communications Energy and Natural Resources



Minerals Development Bill

To modernise and consolidate all mineral development legislation


Education and Skills



Education (Admission to School) Bill

To ensure the contents and process for enrolling by schools is more open, equitable and consistent


Teaching Council (Amendment) Bill

To provide for amendments to the Teaching Council Act 2001 related to fitness to teach processes and to provide for appeal to the High Court in relation to certain decisions


Environment Community and Local Government



Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

To give effect to a waste policy commitment in the Programme for Government, to reinstate fixed payment notices for certain offences under the Solid Fuel Regulations and extend these notices to a range of other existing offences, to make certain amendments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Acts in anticipation of the merger of the EPA with the Radiologiocal Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII), to extend the EPA licensing fees and introduce fees for the Producer Responsibility Initiative (PRI) compliance schemes and to amend provisions for access to justice on environmental matters


Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

To expand and strengthen the regulatory framework for social housing including the statutory underpinning for the new scheme of Housing Assistance Payments, the repossession of local authority dwellings and to provide for a new tenant purchase scheme for existing local authority houses along incremental purchase lines


Maritime Area and Foreshore (Amendment) Bill

To streamline the development consent process for the foreshore including, inter alia, the integration of certain parts of the foreshore consent process (under the Foreshore Act 1933) with the existing on-land planning system


Radiological Protection (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

To put in place the legislative basis required for the merger of the RPII with the EPA and to incorprate the terms of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials into Irish law so that it may be ratified by Ireland





Customs (Amendment) Bill

To consolidate and modernise national legislation relating to the administration of Customs by a single piece of legislation


Irish Collective Asset Management Vehicle Bill

To provide for a bespoke corporate structure for collective investment schemes in accordance with the commitment set out in the IFSC strategy


National Treasury Management Agency (Amendment) (No. 1) Bill

To establish the Investment Platform of the NTMA on a statutory basis (including the shareholder executive and reorienting the National Pensions Reserve Fund into a strategic investment fund) and amend the governance structures of the NTMA


National Treasury Management Agency (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill

To enable management by the State Claims Agency of claims for third-party legal costs arising from Tribunals and Commissions of Inquiry and for legal costs awarded against the State by the Courts


Securities Market Programme and Amendment to the Central Bank Act 1971 Bill

To provide a legislative base for the payment of the equivalent of Ireland's income on its holding of Greek Debt under the Securities Market Programme (SMP) to an intermediate account of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).





Health (General Practitioner Medical Service) Bill

To provide a GP service to persons aged 5 years old and under


Health Reform Bill

To put in place the new structures for the health service as set out in Future Care and the disestablishment of the HSE


Medical Practitioners (Amendment) (Medical Indemnity Insurance) Bill

To make it mandatory for registration purposes for all medical practitioners engaged in the practice of medicine to have adequate medical indemnity insurance


Public Health (Standardised Packaging of Tobacco) Bill

To regulate the retail packaging and appearance of tobacco products with a view to increasing the effectiveness of health warnings, reducing the attractiveness of tobacco products to consumers and reducing the ability of retail packaging in misleading consumers about the harmful effects of smoking or using tobacco products


Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation



Consumer Protection and Competition Bill

To amalgamate the National Consumer Agency and the Competition Authority and to give effect to other changes to competition and consumer law including making provision for a statutory code of conduct for the grocery goods sector and giving effect to the recommendations of the Advisory Group on Media Mergers


Employment Permits Bill

To consolidate existing legislation, to take account of evolving jurisprudence and to address the legal lacuna identified in the High Court judgement concerning Younis


Industrial Relations (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill

To provide for any legislative changes required to deal with the Programme for Government commitment on collective bargaining rights


Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

To expand the research exemption for medicinal products and to implement the Singapore Treaty on Trade Marks


Workplace Relations Bill

To provide for reform of statutory Workplace Relations Bodies


Justice and Equality



Court of Appeal Bill

To establish the Court of Appeal following the outcome of the Constitutional Referendum in October 2013


Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) (Amendment) Bill

To give effect to a number of EU Framework Decisions


Criminal Justice (Terrorist Offences) (Amendment) Bill

To transpose EU Framework Decision and enable ratification of Council of Europe Convention


Family Relationships and Childrens Bill

To consolidate and reform the law relating to guardianship, custody of and access to children, to address issues of parentage including with regard to assisted reproduction and surrogacy and to make express provision for the use of DNA tests to determine parentage and to provide for connected matters


Garda Siochána (Compensation for Malicious Injuries) Bill

To provide a revised scheme for compensating Gardai maliciously injured in their work


Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Bill

To merge the Human Rights Commission and the Equality Authority, the bill will also make amendments to other human rights and equality legislation to give effect to recent judgments of the European Court of Justice respectively


Judicial Council Bill

To provide effective remedies for complaints about judicial misbehaviour including lay participation in the investigation of complaints


Restorative Justice Bill

To give effect to measures required arising from recommendations of the Magdalen Commission Report


Public Expenditure and Reform



Houses of the Oireachtas Commission (Amendment) Bill

To change management structure of the Oireachtas Service


Regulation of Lobbying Bill

To provide for regulation of lobbying activity


Social Protection



Civil Registration (Amendment) Bill

To amend the Civil Registration Act 2004 following a review of its operation, including provision for the compulsory registration of father's names on birth certificates, validation of embassy marriages/civil partnerships and the prevention of marriages of convenience


Social Welfare and Pensions Bill

To provide for a range of changes to the social welfare code arising from policy, administrative, operational and control matters. It may also provide for possible amendments to the Pensions Act 1990


Transport Tourism and Sport



Regulation of Vehicle Immobilisation Bill

To provide for the regulation of the private clamping industry


Sport Ireland Bill

To provide for the establishment of Sport Ireland, a new organisation to replace the Irish Sports Council and the National Sports Campus Development Authority


State Airports (Shannon Group) Bill

To establish a new State-owned commercial entity (Shannon Group plc), incorporating Shannon Airport Authority and Shannon Development and to provide for the adoption by Ireland of the Cape Town insolvency regime in respect of aircraft assets




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