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Public Accounts Committee

Responsible for examining and reporting on the Auditor General and Comptroller’s reports on Departmental expenditure. The Committee also considers their examinations of Department procedures and practices to ensure that they are performing as efficiently as possible. The Committee essentially acts as the public spending watchdog, by evaluating the way Government agencies manage their finances.

Joint Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform

Considers the work of the Department of Finance and the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform.

Joint Committee on Education and Social Protection

Examines legislation and estimates from the Department of Education. This Committee has a broad remit in shadowing two key Government Departments. It seeks to provide a meaningful input into legislation and policy.

Joint Committee on Health and Children

Examines legislation and estimates from the Department of Health. This Committee examines current and proposed health policy, evaluating and assessing the future planning of health services and scrutinising any proposed changes to the way healthcare is delivered in this country.

Joint Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

Responsible for contributing to policy and legislation that is related to the creation and retention of jobs. Also considers innovative enterprise and explores creative solutions to unemployment and the economic recovery of the country.

Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Acts as an advocate for a strong agri-food sector within our political system. Scrutinizes policy in areas relating to animal welfare, food labelling and the impact of climate change on the agricultural industry. The Committee is currently preparing for Ireland’s turn of the EU Presidency in January 2013 by discussing the Common EU Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy.

Joint Committee on the Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht

This Committee has an extremely broad remit and evaluates and makes recommendations on a wide range of issues from regional development to environmental protection.

Joint Committee on Transport and Communications

This new Committee has a very broad remit over policy areas which impinge on the lives of citizens in every corner of the country. In shadowing the work of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, the Committee considers general policy matters relating to the functions of those two Departments and EU policy priorities in those areas.

Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality

Facilitates inter-party communication in issues such as justice, security, immigation and defence and reviews legislation and policy in these areas. The Committee also examines areas of current interest in these areas and makes recommendations to Government.

Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade

Responsible for promoting Ireland’s foreign policy priorities which are among others a strong EU and the promotion of human rights. The Joint Committee also recommends ways to promote trade in new and existing markets and reports on ways to make Ireland a destination for foreign direct investment

Joint Committee on European Union Affairs

Responsible for scrutinizing EU initiatives and how they affect on Ireland. The Committee also monitors the political and strategic direction of the Union as a whole.